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In the same way that we all have a unique fingerprint, we also have a breath pattern that is completely unique to us.


By understanding this pattern and working through various techniques to optimise your breathing health, you are able to find a place of better mental clarity, regulation of emotions and improved physical health.


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As we move through life, us humans become experts at suppressing our true emotions and as a result, we hold onto the memory of these tough emotions within our body, even after the mind has forgotten. 


Once we begin to introduce Breathwork techniques, specifically conscious connected breathing, you are able to uncover and process these emotions that were not processed the first time around.


In person or online, during this session we will review your breathing pattern and move through restorative Breathwork techniques including sound, movement and acupressure to clear emotional baggage and move you into a restful state.

An opportunity for those new to Breathwork to experience the benefits in a group setting. 

A workshop involves simple breath techniques to shift your state and equips you with the tools you need to make Breathwork a regular practice.

Complete with intention setting and the opportunity to meet other likeminded individuals, group workshops are guaranteed to leave you feeling grounded and connected to yourself.

Currently offering monthly online sessions. Book your place here


1 to 1

Using sound, movement and hands on acupressure

From £75


Workshops & Groups

In person or online, move deeper into your practice, together

From £9

Can't decide? Try a free 15 minute consultation

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