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Hi, I'm Zoë.

Keeping active has always been a fundamental part of my life. However, after sustaining a knee injury in 2018, I was no longer able to turn to movement as my outlet.


A moment of serendipity on my route to work encouraged me to join an 8-week meditation workshop which quickly became the focus of my energy and the beginning of my journey into a deeper understanding of self. ​

This inspired me to complete my Personal Training qualification, and hone these skills during a summer of lockdown Zoom classes and a stint as a fitness instructor at a Turkish beach resort. Whilst this experience of being able to help people feel instantly better in themselves fulfilled me enormously, I knew that there was more to what I had to offer.



Since then, I have been looking for ways to understand myself more deeply and it was this (along with the help of my friend Alice!) which led me to a Breathwork workshop.

This session gave me the clarity I had been looking for - and quickly - which allowed me to move beyond my thoughts and into a more open-hearted space quicker than any other modality I had tried before. ​

The curiosity of my experience about the power of the breath to change our state and the realisation that breath and movement are intrinsically linked, led me to qualify as a Breathwork coach which, paired with my love for cold water immersion, has changed the way I move through life.

I now hope to use my experience around the benefits of movement and the power of our breath to help more people find a faster way back to themselves.

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