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grounding through breath and movement


breathwork coach | personal trainer

Find the way back to yourself through conscious breath and movement

Hi, I'm Zoë.

I'm a breathwork coach, personal trainer and cold water swimmer based in Cornwall.

I'm passionate about helping people to feel great in themselves, and giving them the tools to do so.

Through my experiences with the breath and movement, I can help you to reconnect with yourself, learn ways to ground into your body and feel better from the very first session.



Our breath is an incredibly powerful tool that we all have at our disposal, yet many of us underutilise.

It's the first and last thing that we will ever do and the only function of the body that we perform voluntarily and automatically.  So why then, are we so disconnected to our breath and how can we get back to a place of alignment?

Whether you're looking to move beyond self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, or you want to optimise your breathing to drive athletic performance, you're in the right place.


In my experience, movement needs to be both fun and functional in order to sustain regular practice. We weren't designed to sit at desks all day and to spend so much time indoors, looking at screens.

Taking inspiration from the natural world and by using functional movement to ground and connect more deeply with ourselves, we can switch up the way we move and rewild our bodies to begin moving the way that nature intended.



Zoe’s online classes were a total life saver in lockdown. She’s a first class instructor and her classes were innovative, full of energy and (most importantly) fun!
100% would recommend!


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